Business and Accounting

Introduction to Business courses are available for grade 9 and 10 students as well as a business technology course where students can explore different software and technologies used in business. Senior students have an opportunity to explore courses in International business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and business leadership. As well as earn a college credit with our course on Financial Accounting Fundamentals, a dual credit in partnership with Fleming college.

Grade 9

    • Introduction to Business - (Open)

Grade 10

  • Introduction to Business - (Open)

  • Information and Communication Technology in Business - (Open)

Grade 11

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals (Dual Credit) (University/College)

  • Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

Grade 12

  • International Business Fundamentals (e-Learning) (University/College)

  • Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age (College)

  • Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals (University/College)