Award Programs

Each year graduating students have the opportunity to win grad awards at Graduation. Close to 90 community sponsors donate over $29,000 each year to help grads finance their post-secondary education. Each award has different criteria. Awards can be based on marks, community service, post-secondary programs or financial need. Each award has its own criteria. Visit the Scholarships & Grad Awards page for more information.

Honours & High Honours Certificates

Each semester students are awarded a Honours Certificate if they had an average of 80% + or a High Honours Certificate for having an average of 90%+ at one of the Good News Assemblies.

Athletics Awards

The following awards are presented at the Athletics Assembly held in June.

    1. Unsung Hero Recognition Recipients are those students in our community who volunteered significant time outside of class on behalf of Thunder Athletics. The selfless contributions of these students contribute greatly to the success of our programs. Examples include score keepers, managers, coaching assistants, and other important roles relevant to athletic programs.

    2. Awards of Merit for OFSAA Participants Student athletes who qualify to participate in OFSAA championships have achieved a rare accomplishment. These student athletes will receive certificates to honour their achievement.

    3. Team Awards Thunder teams who achieve excellence in the form of Kawartha, COSSA or OFSAA championships will be recognized with a banner in the school gym honouring their achievements. Team members will receive a certificate which recognizes their achievement.

    4. Coaches Awards Each school team will select 1 athlete for this award. Team plaque will be engraved with recipients name and recipient will receive a plaque. The recipient will be the student athlete judged to be most deserving by their coach(es) based on a combination of factors.

    5. Athletes of the Year 1 Junior Male, 1 Junior Female, 1 Senior Male and 1 Senior Female will be selected for these awards. School trophies will be engraved with recipients name and recipient will receive a plaque honouring their achievement. Recipients are those students judged to best exemplify combination of athletic excellence and ambassadorship while participating in Thunder Athletics. Coaching staff will vote on the most deserving candidate.

    6. Graduating Athlete/ Colin Hood - OFSAA School Sport Award The recipients of these certificates are selected by the respected coach(es) of a team the student participated on.

Completion of Community Service Hours

This certificate is awarded to students who completed and handed in their completed community service hours before the end of June in their grade 10th year at our Fall Good News Awards Assembly in their grade 11th year.

Highest Academic Standing Awards

These certificates are given out at our Fall Good News Award Assembly to students who achieve the highest average in their grade from the previous year.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

The Duke of Ed Program is a self directed development program for young Canadians age 14 to 25. There are three award levels to achieve; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Achieving an award is as easy as setting and achieving your personal goals in the four areas of the program: Community Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. These awards are handed out during our Good News Assemblies throughout the school year.

Triple "A" Achievement Recognition Points System

Involvement is a critical part of secondary school life and everyone is encouraged to participate in all aspects. Participation is recognized by awarding points in Academics, Athletics and Activities to all students in all grades. Students strive for Silver, Gold, or Excellence levels over their secondary school careers. These awards are handed out throughout the year at the Good News Assemblies.

Awarded Levels:

      • Silver: 30 points

      • Gold: 45 points

French Immersion Certificate

In order to achieve the Certificate of Immersion a student must complete a minimum of 10 credits which includes four French Language courses and six other subjects in French. This certificate is awarded in June at Graduation.

Grade 9

    • FIF1D French Immersion Academic

    • CGC1DF French Immersion Geography Academic

    • HRE1OF French Immersion Religious Education Open

Grade 10

    • FIF2D French Immersion Academic

    • HC2DF French Immersion History Academic

    • HRE2OF French Immersion Religious Education Open

Grade 11

    • FIF3U French Immersion University

    • HRT3MF French Immersion Religious Education University/College

Grade 12

    • FIF4U French Immersion University

    • HRE4MF French Immersion Religious Education University/College

Specialist High Skills Major Red Seal

Successful completion of an SHSM is indicated on the student's Ontario Secondary School Diploma by a red seal. These are handed out in June at the Graduation Ceremony.

    • The student also receives an SHSM Record that documents his or her achievement of the required components, including sector-related certifications earned and/or training courses completed.

    • Successful completion of an SHSM is indicated on the student's Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

Applications Due Before Graduation

See our Google Sheet for the details.

Award Application Due Before Graduation

Applications Due After Graduation

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Award Applications Due After Graduation