Dress Code

Students who enroll at St. Mary do so with the full awareness of the uniform requirements. When a student chooses St. Mary, he/she agrees to abide by the established dress code. Our school uniform creates a distinct school identity. By respecting the dress code, students uphold this goal.

Only uniform items purchased from R.J. McCarthy Ltd. or its agent are allowed at St. Mary. Students will be disciplined if their uniform items do not comply with this standard.

Uniform Policy

The following is expected behaviour with regards to our school uniform policy:

Expected Behaviour

    • Students must comply with the dress code upon entering the school. This includes the time between classes, during lunch and study periods.

    • Students must be in dress code to attend a class or write an exam.

    • Hats must be off while in the school at all times.

    • Upon arrival to school, outerwear such as hats, coats, jackets, and non uniform sweaters must be removed.

    • The only hoodies that may be worn are the St. Mary School hoodies.

    • The SMCSS logo must be clearly visible on all clothing.

    • Clothing that is visible underneath the outside layer must be either white or St. Mary blue or green with no logos.

    • Clothing must be worn in the original form (no tears or rolled up.)

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

    • The Board has approved a dress code policy for St. Mary Catholic Secondary School.

    • A commitment to the dress code requires self-discipline and is an outward sign of support for the goals of St. Mary Catholic Secondary School.

Consequences for Dress Code Infractions

    • Students are not allowed in class at any time in improper attire. Students, in defiance of this requirement, will be required to report to the office. Students will not return to class until in proper uniform.

Physical Education clothing:

    • Navy t-shirt, printed

    • Navy mesh shorts, printed

    • Navy SMCSS track pants with school logo

Dress Code (all green shirts must be the school forest green)

    • White and Navy striped long sleeved Oxford shirt with school logo

    • White, Navy or Green short / long sleeved oxford shirt with school logo

    • White, Navy or Green short / long sleeved golf shirt with school logo

    • Navy and Green rugby shirt with school logo

    • Navy or Green hoodie with school logo

    • Navy or khaki flat front casual pants

    • Navy or khaki capri pants

    • Navy or khaki walking short

Spirit Wear Fridays

St. Mary team clothing, physical education clothing and St. Mary special event clothing may be substituted for clothing from the approved clothing list on Fridays only.

Dress Down Fridays

On dress-down Fridays, students must dress respectfully which includes:

    • No ripped/torn clothing

    • Tops (for both males and females) must have sleeves

    • Midriff must be covered

    • No offensive slogans or images