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Study Periods

Students who are in year four and who have completed 24 credits can schedule a study period/ spare. Students who have a study period must follow expected standards of behaviour as outlined below.

Expected Behaviour

  • Study periods are used primarily to complete homework, work on assignments, prepare for tests and participate in other school-related activities.
  • Study periods may not be used for card playing or games in designated study period areas.
  • During study periods, students may be in the cafeteria, Resource Centre, or other areas of teacher supervision. They cannot be in the halls and/or the locker area.
  • Students on a study period are expected to participate in all school activities including liturgical celebrations and/or assemblies.
  • Study periods are not guaranteed. Students with attendance and/or behaviour concerns may have their study period revoked and may be assigned supervised study.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

  • The course work in senior courses requires students to work independently on a variety of assignments and to prepare for class activities.
  • Effective use of study periods encourages self-discipline and good work habits

Consequences for Misbehaviour

  • Designated staff will speak to students regarding inappropriate behaviour.
  • Students who abuse the privilege of the study periods will be counselled and/or disciplined by a Principal.
  • Students who continue to abuse the privilege will meet with a Principal and parents/guardians to set up further guidelines.